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Here's your chance to learn to play a wonderful musical instrument, which is the Cajon! Whether for fun with your friends, a new hobby, therapy to cure stress, or even, if you want to work with music, there are two courses, completely online available for you.

Power Cajon 1.0 Pop & Rock and Power Cajon 2.0 Brazilian Rhythms. In both courses you will learn several Cajon grooves, exercises, uncomplicated and boring music theory, and the techniques developed over the 15 years of study by Geoharri Rock Duo percussionist George Harrison. Yes, you will learn to play Cajon combined with hi-hat to have a more powerful and musical sound!

Click on the courses below and start learning today, anytime, anywhere!


conteúdo deste curso

conteúdo deste curso

Postura no Cajon

  • Movimentos de Braços e Mãos

  • Cajon X Bateria, Escolhendo um Cajon e usando as Partes da Mão

  • Mais Timbres do Cajon

  • Iniciando um Ritmo no Cajon

Teoria Musical:

  • Pulsação e duração das Figuras Rítmicas | Atualização 2020

  • Compasso, fórmulas de compasso e quiálteras | ATUALIZAÇÃO 2020

  • Figuras Rítmicas na Prática- Semínimas, Colcheias e Semicolcheias

Ritmos e Exercícios:

  • Exercício Inicial Essencial - # 1 Dinâmica

  • Exercício inicial Essencial - #2 Timbres do Cajon

  • Exercício inicial Essencial - #3 Rudmento Paradiddle

  • Groove 1&1

  • Groove Rock Clássico

  • Groove Pop Rock 01

  • Técnica - "Flam" - Exercício preparatório para a próxima aula

  • Groove Pop Rock 02

  • Groove Pop Rock 03

  • Groove Funk Rock 01

  • Groove Heavy Rock

  • Groove Rock Balada Anos 60

  • Figuras Rítmicas na Prática- Notas mistas de Colcheias e Semicolcheias

  • Groove Funk Rock 02

  • Groove Rock Balada

  • Groove Rock Pesado 2 "Kick Hammer"

  • Groove Rock Clássico Anos 70 - "Médios nas cabeças de tempo"

  • Figuras Rítmicas na prática - Quiálteras de Tercinas e Sextinas

  • Groove Show Rock e Blues

  • Exercício Extra - 3 Ideias para viradas ou solos

Estudo do Cajon usando Chimbal:

Todos os exercícios práticos listados à cima, com a adição do chimbal

Teoria Musical:

  • Pulsação e duração das figuras rítmicas

  • Compasso e fórmula de compasso

  • Pausas, contratempos, síncope, anacruse e compassos acéfalos

  • Contratempos na prática

Ritmos e Exercícios:

  • Partido Alto

  • Xote (Forró)

  • Baião

  • Samba

  • Ijexá

  • Técnica Velocidade + Exercício "Flamadiddle"

  • Samba Reggae + Aplicação de Flams

  • Técnica Rulos, Drag's + Exercício "Ruladiddle"

  • Maracatu - Aplicação de notas duplas

  • Arrocha - Drag's com notas alternadas

Ritmos Latinos

  • Ritmo de Salsa + Claves Latinas

  • Claves Latinas

  • Quiálteras com pausas + Exercício "Ratamacue"

  • Ritmo Reggae + Chimbal tocado com a mão

  • Aula Especial - Usando Cajon ou Cajon e Chimbal + Bongô no Ritmo de Salsa


Todos os Ritmos e Exercícios listados à cima, são ensinados também usando o chimbal




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George Harrison Geoharri has been a professional singer, songwriter, drummer, and percussionist since 2002, when he began teaching drums and music theory. He is also the author of the "Power Cajon" Online Percussion Course.

Born on December 3, 1984, a native from Belo Horizonte - MG, he is a self taught musician. George started in music very early in life.

He studied music theory with teacher Adonay das Neves. He used to work alongside Felipe Lisciel at the former Estúdio Porão in Belo Horizonte. He was a percussion and music theory teacher for children and young people in the Municipal middle schools "Professora Efigênia Vidigal" and "Mestre Ataíde", both in Belo Horizonte.

He participated in the Graffite program in TV Alterosa - BH in the "Graffite band", competing as a drummer and later as a lead singer, reaching the semifinal in the second participation.

George was part of the Metal scene of Belo Horizonte as a drummer of the bands Insaned and Barrabás DC respectively. Below are some videos from these times.

His current works are as lead singer and percussionist of Power Duo GEOHARRI and as vocalist and composer in the Rock band author FRAD. Click on the images below to see the current jobs.

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frad pilha.png

Previous videos of bands, projects, participations, etc., click  HERE to watch


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Carlos Augusto "Tezinho" is a guitarrist and bass player with a background in the old music school Promusic (Belo Horizonte).

Born on April 6, 1984, a native from Florestal - MG, he also studied harmony with Rick Capistrano (Centro Musical Capistrano).

He teaches guitar, music theory, children's music, and rhythmic reading.

He also worked in the area of ​​children's music with an emphasis on percussion, a practical musician with experience in classical music, rock, blues, and metal. Currently, he is  a Cello and Harmonica Blues student.

His current works are as a guitarist and back vocal of the Power Duo GEOHARRI, bass player in the  Rock band FRAD and teaches music classes. Click on the images below to see the current jobs.

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frad pilha.png | +5531 98831-6804

Belo Horizonte | Minas Gerais | Brasil

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